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Future Sensor Systems 2020 - Innovative Sensorsysteme fuer Industrie 4.0 (www.future-sensor-systems.de) Eine Studie des FIR e. V. an der RWTH Aachen

Future Sensor Systems 2020

Innovative Sensoric Systems - Technology and Market Study

With the twelve month study “Future Sensor Systems 2020”, the FIR supports companies alongside the sensor value chain in  realizing  a vision of a flexible and digital factory  where physical objects and IT integrate.

The aim of the study is to impart on the participants a well-founded overview of the market including offered sensor technology and systems as well as analyze use cases from the industry and identify possible potentials for improvement through innovative sensor systems. Therefore, different market segments are analyzed and relevant applications of innovative sensor systems are identified. For this, the potentials and risks a sensor systems application can implicate are discussed and new and innovative business models are developed.

Companies can benefit by participating in the study. Such benefits include:

  • Identification of relevant markets and use cases
  • Identification of economical potentials and risks of innovative sensor systems
  • Analysis of specific scenarios and business cases after clearence of use cases with consortial partners
  • Large review of technological challenges concerning technology, interfaces or production systems
  • Specification of requirements for technical feasibility of specific use cases for a possible realization of demonstrators in joint future projetcs
  • Creation of a sensor-system-roadmap for Industry 4.0
  • Joint reflection of new and innovative business models
  • Exclusive access to the results of the study
  • Exchange in a cross-value chain network with relevant associations, key industrial companies and leading research players
  • Be on the front line of research and innovation

The use cases for the study will be defined in consultation with interested companies prior to or at the latest at the kick-off event.

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