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Future Sensor Systems 2020 - Innovative Sensorsysteme fuer Industrie 4.0 (www.future-sensor-systems.de) Eine Studie des FIR e. V. an der RWTH Aachen

Current Situation

Challenges and potentials

Nowadays the potential of intelligent sensor systems often is not fully exploited. Due to numerous challenges, the FIR focuses on the collaboration with consortium partners alongside the sensor value chain. In so doing, the FIR further assists in leading the way with the realization of new innovative sensor systems.The challenges are in the following:

  • The rapid-growing European sensor market is very heterogeneous, containing 800 active sensor producers in Germany and 3,000 in Europe altogether. In addition to that, keeping a steady overview of the relevant sensor systems and their possible combinations remains a challenge.
  • Companies often lack an explicit overview of the technological potentials and performance of modern sensor systems. Thus, chances for process improvement due to higher flexibility and transparency of information, product quality, process control and spotting of hidden business potentials, cannot be met.

Innovative sensor systems show a great amount of potentials and chances. Therefore, the FIR, in collaboration with the participating companies, will demonstrate in the study possible ways to use these potentials:

  • The sensor market is characterized by huge growth and is growing faster than the total market in Germany as well as worldwide. Due to the increasing global amount of automation, among others also in emerging economies , the already high expansion rates will further rise.
  • The collection of detailed data in real-time through innovative sensor systems enables high information transparency  and through intelligent algorithms high flexibility, improved product quality and product control as well as an significant increase in productivity in the considered fields production, energy, maintenance, machinery as well as logistics and mobility.

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