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Future Sensor Systems 2020 - Innovative Sensorsysteme fuer Industrie 4.0 (www.future-sensor-systems.de) Eine Studie des FIR e. V. an der RWTH Aachen


Market overview and analysis of selected use cases

The study provides participants with an extensive market overview and opens the opportunity for discussion with key industrial and research players alongside the sensor value chain. The aim of the study is to identify risks and possibilities of the market’s future developments and innovative concepts, like Industry 4.0. In order to deduce new fields of application the study results enable the participants to realise and implement relevant applications in joint future projects.

Following aims are pursued in the study:

  • Identification of relevant markets and use cases
  • Requirement elicitation of relevant applications and future sensor systems
  • Assessment of economic potentials and risks of innovative sensor systems
  • Analysis of innovative sensor systems for use in the context of selected use cases and business calculations for evaluating the profitability of the specified solutions
  • Extensive evaluation of technological challenges concerning technologies, interfaces, or production systems
  • Specification of the requirements as to technological feasibility of selected use cases for a possible realization of demonstrators in joint future projects
  • Creation of a sensor systems roadmap for Industry 4.0
  • Joint reflection of new and innovative business models

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