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Future Sensor Systems 2020 - Innovative Sensorsysteme fuer Industrie 4.0 (www.future-sensor-systems.de) Eine Studie des FIR e. V. an der RWTH Aachen

Use Cases

Market overview and specification of relevant use cases

The use cases for the study will be defined in consultation with interested companies prior to or at the latest at the kick-off event. In order to give an impression of possible use a possible use case in the field energy is described.

Example: Saving costs by increasing energy efficiency

Intelligent sensor technology enables companies to collect various kinds of additional data such as electric power consumption, condition states and more to be saved and analyzed further. The huge amount of data forms the base to predict future energy consumption and deduce suitable measures to react. Current challenges:

  • Introduction of the energy costs as an additional parameter in production and logistics
  • Avoiding of high peak demands increasingly due to increasing and varying energy costs
  • Expected dynamic tariff models in short to mid term
  • Efforts in climate protection and  resource efficiency of high social meaning

Potential benefits of intelligent sensor technology:

  • Detailed information about the energy usage and states of individual machines
  • Identification of possible savings at individual positions and arbitrage of them
  • Avoiding high peak demands will be possible by load shifting and enables big cost savings because of lower demand rates
  • Abnormalities in energy consumption as further parameter for detecting malfunctioning

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