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Consortial Benchmark "Data-driven Services 2016"

Industrial Service – Lern from the Best!

Logo of Consortial Benchmark "Data-driven Services"
Logo of Consortial Benchmark "Data-driven Services"

With the help of data-driven services, implied customer demands can be accurately identified and addressed via value-added services. New ways of flexibility offer the potential to continuously adapt offered services to the changing frame conditions. The scalability of data-driven services gives the opportunity to reach a large number of customers within a short period of time.

The consortium and the FIR aim to investigate how the potential of data-driven services in companies can be realised and implemented successfully. They will also research what kind of benefits result from data-driven- services for customers and companies and look for best practice companies that already use data-driven services successfully. The study begins in October 2016 and finishes September 2017.

In the study, the following questions are of special interest:

  • What benefit results from the use of data-driven services for customers?
  • How can data-driven services contribute to an improvement of productivity in service?
  • How can the accessibility of data be ensured?
  • What demands on the technical infrastructure arise when offering data-driven services?

The screening stage is finished.

  • Each participating person will receive a detailed summary of the main results of the study in the middle of May.
  • Each company that has participated has the chance to be recognized as a best-practice company.

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