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Consortial Benchmarks of the FIR - Companies learn from Companies

Project Procedure of Consortial Benchmark "Service Innovation"

Procedure and Timing

The timeline illustrates the procedure and the detailed timing of the Consortial Benchmark "Service Innovation":

Project Procedure of Consortial Benchmark "Service Innovation" [Graphics: FIR]
Project Procedure of Consortial Benchmark "Service Innovation" [Graphics: FIR]

27.05.2015: Kick-off meeting

  • Initial meeting of the members of the consortium 
  • Definition of the benchmark study:
    - Relevant topics
    - Target branches

Following: Screening phase

  • Execution of the europe-wide benchmark
  • Telephone interviews and pre-selection of potential  “Successful Practice Companies”
  • Preparation of approximately ten anonymous case studies

11.11.2015: Review meeting

  • Presentation of the benchmarking results and -analysis
  • Selection of five companies based on the presented case studies
  • Disclosure of the companies names

Following: Company visits

  • Visit of the five elected “Successful Practice Companies” by the consortium
    - February 2016: Hubject GmbH
    - February 2016: Dräger Medical GmbH
    - March 2016: IBM Deutschland GmbH
    - March 2016: Bilfinger Maintenance GmbH
    - April 2016: Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

27.04.2016: Concluding conference

  • Summary of the results
    - Analysis of the benchmark study
    - Company visits
  • Awarding of the Successful Practice Companies

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    1: Kick-off meeting 
    2: Screening phase 
    3: Review meeting 
    4: Company visits 
    5: Concluding conference 
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