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Consortial Benchmarks of the FIR - Companies learn from Companies

Service Innovation

Innovative Models for the service industry

By preceding digitalization the service sector changes quickly and fundamentally. Due to the plurality and diversity of interfaces between human and machines and products it becomes increasingly important to efficiently develop innovative solutions. Especially the ability of humans and machines and products to collect data during business processes enables totally new business models. The generation of innovative business models and its conceptual design as well as the companionship during the implementation and professionalization are fundamental parts of the service-engineering.

Relevant topics of service-innovation:

  • Development and engineering of innovative, value-adding services
  • Development towards a provider of solutions by offering performance systems
  • Development of sustainable business models
  • Optimization of the service portfolio and development of an efficient variety of offers
  • Optimization of strategies for pricing and contracting for services (e.g. guaranteed availability)

Service Innovation

Enables a target-oriented process of innovation to generate functioning value-added services. The methodic development of business models facilitates a good understanding of the changing in customers’ requirements and its anticipation. The key challenge is a continuous further development of the service portfolio regarding the customers’ benefit.

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